Thursday, 11 November 2010

The birth of an alter ego...

Earlier this year I became the proud owner of a Thermomix thanks to my wonderful and generous mother (thank you Mum). At first I didn't quite understand it and it took me a few weeks to really 'get it'. Then something magical happened - I fell completely in love with it. Every time I have friends over I can't help but whip up something delicious for them. It has become my ULTIMATE play thing!

Thermomix Queen is a name that my friends affectionately call me, so today I officially and graciously accepted the title. After mulling over the idea for sometime now, I finally mustered up the courage to sign up and start my own Thermomix business - this afternoon!

At first I felt like a goose sticking its neck out. Then I realised how much I love inventing edible and /or drinkable creations for those around me. It fills my heart with joy as well as satisfying my creative expression.

Years ago I'd spend weekends dancing till the birds sang and creating feasts anytime between 7pm and 7am. Life was a party and I was fully self expressed, but slowly over time I had transformed into something I was no longer happy being. I don't know why I stopped doing what I loved doing, but I did. Then in March this year, I embarked on Project Grace 2010 in an attempt to restore the joy in me before I turned 40 - which was 9 days ago.

It has taken 9 months and 9 days to get me to this point. I am creating something new by taking an object that I love and combining it with activities I love doing and voila, you have Thermomix Queen - the blog, the business, the YouTube Channel ... and the ultimate expression of me (Tweet Tweet).

I am excited, nervous, hopeful and let's face it, even a tad terrified. But it's all good.

I imagine it'll take some time before I perfect the look and feel of all my new virtual rooms, which I look forward to sharing with you.

Until next time, cook up a storm and serve it - ready or not!

Grace xx

PS. After my training I'll be looking for some 'guinea pigs' to try out my newly learned demonstration skills - so hands up if you'd like me to come over and prepare a 5 course meal for you and your closest friends - I'll be there with apron on!


  1. Oh no why don't I live closer! Mmmmmm 5 course meal sounds divine!

  2. A very (late) happy birthday!!!!
    Grace you're so AMAZING! What an exciting adventure- you're ALWAYS full of adventure, you're inspiring!!!